Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gnawing Away

There is nothing that Truman won't put in in his mouth. His favorite item is his socks because he has fun pulling them and then putting them in his mouth. It's a loosing battle to put them back on since he will just pull them off again, Dan still tries though.
Well, at least they are clean, right.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Truman was having a difficult time taking the bottle so we were eager to start solids. We started with the usual: rice cereal. Truman was eager at first but it waned big time. We went on to oatmeal. Still not a super fan, so we quickly branched out to Cheerios. He absolutely loved them. We continued to introduce all kinds of different fruits and vegetables. So far he is taken to it all. He loves to feed himself and is working hard on the pincer grasp.

Rice cereal=not delish

What a face

Gnawing on some cucumbers

The prep

Trying to catch up.... again

Well, its been since January since I blogged and there are some many things that have happened since. So the plan is to catch up a little bit every day till I'm caught. Sounds great on paper we will see how this materializes. :)

Going back to work was harder than I thought. I found myself day dreaming quite a bit and being less than productive. Eight months later I'm finally getting out of this funk.

Truman love is exersaucer.

Daddy is in charge of bath time. He does such wonderful job cleaning Truman's 10,000 parts.

My little guy.

Ready to brave the Minnesota cold

Truman's 1st bank statement. Hopefully by the time he needs it it will have plenty of money.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Working in the Coal Mine"

After being home with Truman for 5 wonderful months I've returned to work. I decided that it would be best for my sanity to return on a Thursday to have a short work week. It was very difficult to say the least.

We were able to find someone we feel good about that is close to our home. Dan was gracious enough to drop him off while I waited in the car. I did get quite veklemped. At work everyone was glad to see me again. I'm still with Progresso and thank goodness. It would have been difficult to start on a new business.

One of my fears at day care is that he wouldn't get enough attention because he is such a placid boy. Ms. Debbie tells me there are 2 little girls that love Truman and ask for him when he's not there. I'm told they sing to him, pick up his toys when he drops them, and entertain him all day long.

Truman is such a special little boy and being a mom has changed my look on life like I never imagined. No kidding even though he was an amazing baby I would turn to Dan and ask "what the heck did we do". It just such a life changing experience... for the better. I can't believe how much this little person has my heart.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Catch Up Game

A new year brings all kinds of "would've, could've, should'ves". In my case it is the fact that I've been absolutely lousy in keeping up with my blog. Well a new leaf has been turned... at least momentarily and I will try to post more consistently.

It's been 5 months since Truman has joined our family and we have never been happier. He is such a wonderful and amazing little boy. He has grown so much and what a big boy he is. His little wrists and thighs have rolls on them. Sometimes I really do want to eat him up.

1st bath

Daddy and Truman

Big stretch!!

Mommy and Truman

At Apple Jack's Orchard

Truman and Big O'le bear

Trying out tummy time

I'm a big boy - 2 month appt

Truman loves Sophie

My mom and sister visited us and Truman loved spending time with his mama and titi. We we went to to the Mall of America and could've been there all day.

Mama and Truman

We were able to visit Dan's family in Orem during Thanksgiving where he received his baby blessing. It was so awesome having all 4 of Dan's brothers, his dad, and my dad be part of it. Plus Truman loved meeting all his uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Grandpa, Daddy, Abuelito, and Truman

Great Grandma Colyar and Truman

Baby blessing

Delish Thanksgiving dinner

My cousin Austin... he's taller but I'm heavier

Daddy wanted to go ATV'ing but mommy didn't let me go

My 1st photo shoot

Dan's blessing outfit... unfortunately Truman was too big for it

Abuelito Harry and Me

Pic from my photo shoot

We spent a quiet time in MN for Christmas. It was quite snowy and Dan got plenty of practice shoveling it all. This year Truman was loving the paper. I expect that next year he'll be into the boxes, and the 3rd year he'll finally be interested in the gifts. Dan and I cooked an awesome some breakfast... we went all out. We had french toast, Dan's Kick A syrup, an egg bake, orange juice, apple juice, bacon, and sausage.

Mrs. Clause at the ITQ Family Christmas Party

I rock at tummy time now

Shoveling and more shoveling

The snow on the deck

Santa and Truman

Christmas Day

Truman couldn't get enough of the wrapping paper

At the Mall of America trying to find mommy and coat